Falck Factory

Location - Sesto San Giovanni IT
Client - Municipality of Sesto San Giovanni
Date - 2017
Area - 15'500 m²

Open competition
Where once stood the beating heart of the Italian steel industry, today a new development project begins. The Falck steelworks closed definitively at the end of the last century and today the whole area and the city of Sesto are approaching a new chapter in their history: a large residential area will grow through the park and the city, unifying the parts long divided by the railway. The volume opens to the south with a raised central courtyard. The two large staircases at the entrances offer a direct passage to the courtyard, which welcomes those who arrive in a common but protected space, creating a gradual transition from the private to the public sphere.
The entire project grows alternating private spaces with spaces for all tenants: common rooms, large rooms for private parties, smaller rooms for a visiting guest or for the home-office, or cultivate a hobby, bigger spaces for events.
The prefabricated timber elements allows shorter a construction time.

1. technical core
2. the grid allows a modular construction system
1. traditional organization: sleeping area / living area
2. organization with living area in open-space, the terrace becomes a winter garden and expands the apartment.
3. loft: The room flows circularly around the central solid core.
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