Sonnenhalde care home

Münchwilen CH
Foundation Sonnenhalde
1'440 m²
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Selected competition - 2nd prize

The expansion of the Sonnenhalde residential home seamlessly integrates with the existing structures and the site's evolution over the past 30 years. Situated along the southern edge and in proximity to the therapy wing, the square volume maintains the architectural continuity and staggered layout characteristic of the complex. This strategic placement not only adheres to the established sequence but also optimizes the outdoor space on the north/east side, facilitating the creation of a diverse and high-quality environment for the residents.

The façade's rhythmic composition, featuring clay columns and floor-to-ceiling windows, along with timber cladding, imparts a modern aesthetic while respecting the region's architectural heritage. This design choice also aligns with sustainable construction practices.

The wooden frame construction supporting the building enables complete prefabrication in the factory providing an advantage for incorporating hemp insulation. This prefabrication approach streamlines construction and assembly processes, leading to optimized and shortened timelines. The combination of wood and clay in the façade's design and tectonics involves the on-site assembly of prefabricated vertical clay columns, ensuring seamless joints and an aesthetically pleasing result.

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