atelier ORA was founded in Zurich in 2019 as a collaboration between Enrique Orti and Ilaria Riscassi. The practice develops its work in the context of European architecture, carrying out projects mainly in Switzerland, Italy and Spain. In 2021, the Italian location was founded together with Maritza Prosdocimi in Milan.

Our work is based on constant research: the development of the contemporary city and its redensification, new forms of living and learning, the regeneration, transformation and reuse of existing spaces, and the ecological footprint of our built environment are our main areas of interest.

We approach each project with great sensitivity to the context and its social and economic sustainability, aspiring to always reach an intelligent, efficient and atmospheric architecture. Our practice works for private clients in Europe and participates in international public and private competitions, taking an active part in the debate on the design and development of contemporary architecture.

Thanks to our international experience and the use of the most modern 3D and BIM techniques, we are an expert partner to our customers in all phases of the process: from strategic planning, through project conception and definition, to construction.

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 8003 Zürich, CH


atelier ORA srl stp
via A. Bertani, 8 
20154 Milano, IT


atelier ORA
C/ Santangel, 8 
46005 Valencia, SP



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Maritza Prosdocimi


Maritza lives in Como and is responsible for the management of the Italian location. She graduated from the “Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio" in 2012 and continued her education by completing a PhD in History of Urbanism in 2019. The combination of different cultural backgrounds -Italian, Swiss and English- and her academic experience allowed her to achieve a broad and critical perspective on the discipline of architecture, which can be understood in the constant search for a balance between the theoretical and practical field. The need for research was established during her university years and is still an integral part of her work. Maritza’s main interests focus on design in the urban and agricultural spheres as well as constant urban-historical research work. In 2022, she founded, together with academic colleagues, the SED ETIAM collective: a tink-thank dealing with issues related to theoretical, historical and contemporary architecture.

Enrique Orti


Enrique lives and works in Zurich and manages both the Swiss and Spanish offices. His focus lies on the technical and creative development. He graduated from the Polytechnic School of Valencia in 2010 and specialized at ETH Zurich with a master's degree in Building Process Leadership. Enrique gained professional experience working for E2A Architekten, HDPF Architekten and von Ballmoos Krucker Architekten in Zurich. During his professional career he has developed a passion for the study and development of new architectural typologies that adapt to the needs of our modern society. His interest in the construction process and his attention to detail and materiality allow Enrique to follow the projects down to the smallest detail, carefully monitoring the quality and compliance with the costs and deadlines of each project phase. Since 2021 he works at the “Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio" and teaches in the course “Leadership in Architecture".

Ilaria Riscassi


Ilaria lives and works in Zurich and is responsible for the management and the creative development of the Zurich and Milan offices. Ilaria takes care of customer relations and accompanies projects through all phases. She graduated from the “Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio" in 2011 and gained professional experience working for Allman Sattler Wappner Architekten in Munich and for Duplex Architekten in Zurich. Over time she has developed a great interest in the practical and theoretical aspects of the development process in European cities, from the domestic scale to urban planning, exploring relationships and synergies. This interest in urban regeneration finds its continuation in the search for ecological building materials and transformation strategies that enable an environmentally friendly transition of the existing stock: Not only it is possible to adapt the consolidated city to the needs of contemporary society, but also to intervene with strategies that bring both environmental and economic benefits. To deepen her expertise in this field, Ilaria is attending the CAS “Regenerative Materials" at ETH Zurich from January 2023.
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