Location - Manno CH
Client - Municipality of Manno
Date - 2018
Area - 713 m²

Open competition - 5th Prize
Collaboration with fernweharchitettura
The volume is carved in the earth and represents a symbolic building for Manno. The building is located in the southern part of the plot and allows to define a new square for the city: Piazza Bellavista. The square develops in a staircase that faces the building and the surrounding landscape. Three meters higher up there is a smaller space, where a path begins that leads to a third square, from which you can access to the Library.
Piazza Bellavista has a strong public vocation and, together with the hall at the ground floor, is configured as a multifunctional space for the community, allowing concerts, theatre performances, outdoor conferences and public assemblies.
The vertical distribution inside the building develops through the central staircase, which repeats equally on all levels and overlooks the different floors with a game of double volumes that visually connect the various functions.
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