Magglingen, CH
Swiss Confederation
5'650 m²
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High Performance Sports Centre

Open competition

Landscape: Alsina Fernandez

The sports centre of Magglingen is located at the southern foot of the Jura above the city of Biel. Over a length of more than 1.5 km, the buildings and facilities of the complex are scattered throughout the landscape, which is characterised by topography and forest.

The training centre and the residence building are placed along the plot on the plateau, in accordance to the existing topography and the bucolic landscape.

The sloping topography is accommodated by an autonomous plinth that brings the two programms (training and residence) together. Two building bodies are placed on the plinth, which accommodate the two areas separately. The structural setting of the new volumes makes it possible to preserve the existing qualities of the ensemble and at the same time creates a new architectural landmark that serves as a point of orientation.

The building is planned as a mixed construction in wood and massive construction. The base floor made of in-situ concrete provides the robust base of the building and bears the loads of the upper floors. The office wing will be constructed as prefabricated timber construction. The wooden columns on the façade serve as an ordering principle for the interior room organisation and convey an airy, elegant atmosphere. The residence is very flexible in its construction and allows for changes in the room organisation. The bearing structure is made in concrete, while the façade is built out of prefabricated wooden elements.

The compact volume of the reception building is located longitudinally to the main road and slightly behind the funicular building. Thus a reception square is defined, accentuating the orientation of the routes towards the main building of the BASPO.

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