Swiss Embassy

Addis Abeba, ETH
Swiss Confederation
1'150 m²
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Swiss Embassy in Ethiopia

Open Competition

The project grows out of the earth with tectonic elements that define an interspace. The volume develops on the existing topography and blends into the landscape like a natural, organic element.

Solid and massive bodies: the "Solids" form a tectonic landscape between which a flowing open space emerges and opens up flowing towards the garden, as if it were its natural extension.

The specific spaces with a need for privacy form regular, closed and secure boxes, which in between release an elastic multi-sided space. This opens up an inner landscape that develops as a spatial sequence. Different uses has different characteristics, which also have specific references to the outside space.

The garden becomes a microcosm, which develops on different levels according to the topography of the terrain, but also according to the movements of the built tectonics and becomes a whole with them. This entire system consists of open, closed and meandering spaces whose spatial qualities guarantee the privacy desired for different uses.

Local materials and know-how, such as natural stone and clay or ceramic brick technology, are used for construction. The walls, floors and ceilings are made of the same material: red ochre Ethiopian earth, combined with Ethiopian stone and wood for the interior.

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