Scuola San Vittore

San Vittore, CH
Municipality of San Vittore
2'180 m²
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New building for a primary school and kindergarten with attached multi-purpose hall

Open competition

The new school complex in San Vittore has a strong public character, seeking a dialogue with the existing architectural landscape and presenting itself as a recognizable landmark in the area. The project is divided into two interconnected volumes. The main volume is developed on three floors, allowing the building to dialogue with other characteristic urban elements of S.Vittore such as the old station and the Pala tower, in turn becoming a landmark in the architectural landscape of the place.

The new structure clearly defines a new public space for the whole community, yet its presence is light and its transparencies link interior and exterior space in a continuous relationship. Entering the school does not mean leaving the outside world behind: new doors keep opening up to new interior and exterior spaces. The ground floor opens up towards the park to the west and maintains a direct relationship with the outside world; the arcades along the facades filter the light and offer shelter. The central hall connects all the classrooms placed along the perimeter, surprising with its overhead natural lighting and preserving views of the park, the city centre and the valley.

On the other hand, the multifunctional hall, which will house the gymnasium and the canteen, but also a space for public events taking place outside school hours, is developed in a longitudinal body connected to the school by a central atrium.  This volume also serves as a filter between the play and recreational activities, which can take place in the park to the west, and the residential area to the east. Its discreet and yet sharp presence is clearly defined by the generous portico and the strong connection to the outdoor spaces, which define its character as a space for group activities and meetings.

The new building is therefore a flexible space able to accommodate the school's functions and at the same time be a new meeting and exchange centre for the whole community. The position of the two volumes next to the existing municipal building allows the creation of a new centre for San Vittore. These three volumes define the new school entrance square, overlooked by the central atrium, which provides a separable entrance space for both the school and the multifunctional hall.

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