Ilaria Riscassi

MSc Arch AAM

Ilaria lives and works in Zurich and is responsible for the management and the creative development of the Zurich and Milan offices. Ilaria takes care of customer relations and accompanies projects through all phases of the development process. She graduated from the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture in 2011 and gained professional experience working for Allman Sattler Wappner Architekten in Munich, for Graf Biscioni Architekten in Winterthur and for Duplex Architekten in Zurich. Over time she has developed a great interest in the practical and theoretical aspects of the development process in European cities, from the domestic scale to urban planning, exploring relationships and synergies. Her work is driven by a good customer service and the reflection on the context, and openness to new technologies and rapidly changing lifestyles.
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