Belp, CH
Municipality of Belp
1'300 m²
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School extension and new swimming pool

Open competition - 4th place

In cooperation with fernweh architettura

The existing school complex was built in the 1970s on the basis of a general concept by architect Walter Schindler.

However, the concept was only partially implemented and since then the school complex has been continuously expanded without taking into account the original strategy laid out by Schindler. The structural placement of the buildings creates a diagonal sequence of outdoor spaces connecting the main entrances to the complex. The volumes of the buildings are arranged in a dispersed and slightly staggered manner on the site. They are oriented towards the central recreation area and structurally linked with a covered entrance area.

Our proposal for the development of the school complex intervenes selectively in the competition area and tries to make Schindler's design qualities recognisable again with a sustainable development. The school swimming pool is planned as a replacement for the old sports hall; after its demolition, the resulting excavation will be reused for the new construction of the swimming pool. The new volume is south-facing and thus creates a new outdoor space that can be used as a recreational area and at the same time enhances the situation of the entrance.

The swimming pool functions as a connecting element in the existing topography and mediates between the different spaces. The terrain is stepped like a waterfall to visually and spatially connect the level of the recreation area with that of the football pitch.

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