Hallenbad Frauenfeld

Frauenfeld, CH
Municipality of Frauenfeld
4'000 m²
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Open competition

Landscape - USUS Landschaftsarchitektur

The new indoor swimming pool in Frauenfeld is a large oasis for those who want to spend their leisure time in an inviting and exciting place of leisure, sport and enjoyment, for all ages and at all times of the day and year.

The new building is in dialogue with the urban dimension of buildings such as the Post Office, the Town Hall and the Haus am Marktplatz and underlines its presence in the string of pearls of urban significant volumes as part of city life.

The different heights of the building are also in dialogue with the urban environment; the light boxes form urban accents that accompany the development of the building in the landscape.

The project will be developed on the basis of two strategies: On the one hand, the barrier between the open-air swimming pool and the indoor swimming pool is to be removed; on the other hand, light is to be introduced as a design element.

In order to eliminate the separation between the different levels, an element is introduced - the intermediate hall - a space in which inside and outside merge into each other creating a visual and spatial connection.

The bathing hall is an open and light-flooded space in which the supporting structure defines the various areas and creates a spatial staging in which the beams are the metaphor of the walls, since they divide the spaces and the atmospheres without obstructing the passage and the view. Each pool has a different atmosphere, defined by the height of the room and the lighting.

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