Milan, IT
250 m²
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Conversion of a flat from the 70s

Direct commission

Photographs Federico Villa

Casa Gambara is located in a residential building built in the early seventies in the western part of the city. The apartment is located on the top floor and is divided into two levels.

On the lower level there are the more traditional spaces, while in the attic is located the "music room", surrounded by the large terrace. Each space has a beautiful view of the city and the entire Alpine region.

The traditional internal subdivision with a central corridor, which connects all rooms, has been transformed to make the space more fluid. The staircase contains a large wardrobe of five modules covered with vertical chestnut wooden slats that provide a visual filter between both levels. Each bedroom has its own private bathroom and a hallway that guarantees privacy.

Each of the elements is designed to contribute to the definition of the spaces and the connections, as well as offering space for storage and organisation. The kitchen extends over a corner bench that defines a luminous eating area. The central cabinet contains two large sliding doors that can be closed as required to separate the kitchen from the living room and ensure the privacy of the bedroom. The bookshelf defines the day zone, but also the central aisle that connects each room of the apartment. The staircase is both a vertical connection and a filter.

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